What if…?

The case of the Murder of the MP Jo Cox

I’m filled with a sense of foreboding when writing this article.

What I will write is controversial, yet I believe it is necessary to openly discuss events that happen in order to better understand quite what could be behind them.

Today in Yorkshire an MP was murdered. Not just any MP, an MP that was a vocal proponent of the UK remaining in the EU. An MP representing a highly ethnically diverse constituency comprised of Muslims and people of Irish origin. An MP who used her maiden speech in Parliament to praise the benefits of integration. A mother of two young children who represented everything that is good in British politics. Jo Cox, taken from her children, her husband, her family, her political party, her constituency, our parliament and her country.

Today, the 16th of June 2016 is just 7 days before the UK referendum on whether to leave the EU will be held. It’s no use pretending that this murder will not have an effect on the way people vote. It will.

At this point it should be noted that witnesses have stated that they heard the attacker shout “Britain First” as he attacked her. Britain First is the name of a right wing political group opposed to immigration. Jo Cox was very clearly pro-immigration and bravely supported Syrians being given asylum in the UK. We cannot know whether the attacker did shout Britain First, yet if he did this is potentially an important indicator.

Middle England is rather undecided on the matter of whether or not to leave the EU. Families of mild-mannered people are split down the middle, many of them, I suspect, not even telling anyone how they will vote - as is their good right. The Leave (Brexit) campaign took the lead for the first time last week, which will have seriously worried big business and the City of London. Jo Cox was an MP who until today most people will have never heard of, yet she is someone we can all identify with. That is what makes this so very cynical.

It is said that life is stranger than fiction, and indeed for the most part it often is. In order to comprehend what happens we must be prepared to consider that there are things that happen that would seem beyond our comprehension, that are so awful as to completely undermine our faith in human nature and the society we live in, we are moving into that territory now.

I sincerely hope that I am entirely wrong about this, yet I believe it needs to go on the record and be considered that this was a politically motivated attack. Not in the sense that it appears, but in fact 180 degrees the opposite.

If we think back to the 11th September 2001 or the 7th July 2005 we recall that at the time the concept of sleepers was introduced to the public discourse. A sleeper is a person who has undergone hypnosis and mind control programming, who is then placed in society and upon hearing a trigger word, spins into action and perpetrates an act of terror. It was claimed that the Al Qaeda attackers in 2001 were sleepers.

The next concept we need to be aware of is what is called a false flag attack. This is a military concept whereby one side will intentionally attack their own vessel in order to make it look as though their enemy attacked, this in turn justifies military retribution by the side that appears to have been attacked. This tactic has been used repeatedly in history, most famously in the Bologna train station bombings in 1980 that killed 85 which were in fact staged by the P2 Lodge led by Licio Gelli. A false flag attack may kill innocent people, but in essence it is an attack on the consciousness of a nation, it is there to create public opinion.

So here we are, one week before a make or break referendum. The two campaigns for Leave and Remain have fought using disgraceful rhetoric, outright lies, disinformation and fear mongering of the worst kind. It is arguable that they have fostered a climate in which a murder of this kind can happen.

It’s too awful to contemplate, but contemplate it we must — what if… what if this murder was perpetrated to discredit the leave campaign as being a bunch of xenophobic, racist murderers. Guilty by association. The good upstanding people of middle England would hardly stand for that, would they? What if we are looking at a false flag attack perpetrated by a sleeper, an attack so cynical that no-one dare talk about this in public.

Well, I just did. It’s terrifying. Terrifying to imagine that something like this is possible, yet we have seen so many terrible things happen in recent years it almost wouldn’t come as a surprise.

As I started out, I really do hope that I am wrong. I also hope that people will look at the issues at stake in the referndum and continue to make up their minds on the basis of the facts they have available to them.

Rest in Peace Jo, love and thoughts to your family and relatives, you are a credit to them all and should always be remembered for standing up for what you believed in.



English. Lives in Tbilisi. Contributor to Renegade Inc. Loves channeling ideas and serving good coffee.

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English. Lives in Tbilisi. Contributor to Renegade Inc. Loves channeling ideas and serving good coffee.