It was decided that a road-trip should be undertaken; one taking in the lesser-visited places and a few of the obvious ones. Given the fact there was only a week in which to do this Western Ukraine was chosen as the destination because it provided a variety of landscapes, historic cities and would all be completely new.

Starting in Kyiv the road trip went to the Romanian border and back

Here are the images of the trip, due to driving there are less than usual but nonetheless hopefully these images give a flavour. Driving in Ukraine is pretty good, major roads are in good condition whilst less important ones can sometimes be rough — but that’s to be expected in such a massive country. You can always find decent places to stay whether that’s on Airbnb or Good food is available everywhere and coffee can be found very cheaply off-the-beaten-track. The trip was made in mid-August 2017 and weather would be ideal between June and September.

Highway to the West from Kyiv
Ukraine’s national day
The Tunnel of Love near Rivne